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Rope Access

Rope Access - Worker using ropes to scale the outside of a wind turbine tower

Elite Safety Services Inc. follows the IRATA Code of Practice for all work completed on rope, using rope access anywhere in Canada. We provide professional rope access technicians that have a variety of experience and qualifications. Our highly trained teams ensure compliance with Provincial requirements, IRATA requirements and are always rescue ready.

IRATA International’s rope access system is a safe method of working at height, where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and egress from the workplace.

Advantages of using Rope Access methods:

  • The safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations.
  • The combination of the total staff-hours and the level of risk for a task (staff-at-risk hours) is often reduced when compared with other means of access and their associated risks and cost.

Our staff are trained and equipped to carry out the following tasks:

  • Wind Turbine Cleaning including nacelle, tower, inside tower and blades
  • Wind Turbine Blade repair and inspections
  • Grain Elevator maintenance and repairs
  • Confined Space rope access
  • Plant shut-down Rescue and Rope Access work

Due to the growing demand in Canada for rope access the job descriptions will always vary. Elite Safety Services Inc. can send out job site evaluators to see if rope access suits your needs.

Contact us for more information on our capabilities and to schedule an evaluator to meet you at your site.


If you have any questions or require further information, please call us at 1-877-726-9101 or contact us.