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We specialize in all aspects of the health and safety spectrum. We have provided Instructors, Paramedics, Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technicians and even Construction Safety Officers to some of Western Canada's most prominent companies.

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Entry Rescue (Non-IDLH)

Duration: 8 Hours
Prerequisite: Confined Space Entry



This second day of training helps to ensure that those tasked with the roles and responsibilities of rescue fully understand the importance and the legislated responsibilities of the role. Participants will be challanged with Entry Rescue skills, techniques, and scenarios to removal entrants from non-IDLH confined spaces.

The Course Covers

  • What is an Emergency
  • Rescue & CSA z1006
  • Rescue Roles
  • Rescue PPE & Equipment
  • Victim Removal
  • Ropes & Rigging
  • Haul Systems
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Victim Care

Upon successful completion of this course, a transcript, wall certificate, and a wallet card will be provided. The passing mark on both the written test and practical evaluations is 80%.