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Working at Heights / Fall Protection

Working at Heights - Manitoba


Duration: 8 Hours
Prerequisite: N/A



The Working at Heights Training Program is designed to support consistent and quality training for workers in the Province of Manitoba, with respect to core competencies required for working at heights. The Working at Heights Course is built around this newly developed standard and can be customized to address the specific hazards of a sector, including common equipment and machinery used within that sector. This course is structured as a modular format that allows core theory training to be completed separately from practical training elements.

The Course Covers

Basic Theory module:

  • Rights and responsibilities related to working at heights under the rights and responsibilities for workers and employees
  • General hazard recognition for working at heights
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Safety procedures for warning methods and physical barriers
  • Safety procedures for ladders and similar equipment
  • An introduction to personal fall protection equipment 

Practical module:

  • Barriers and safety nets
  • Personal fall protection equipment
  • Anchor points
  • Work positioning systems, work access and platforms
  • Rescue planning