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Owned and operated by former Professional Firefighter Paramedics, Elite Safety Services Inc. provides a level of professionalism and expertise only gained through real world experience.

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Providing Customized Safety Training and Standby Services

Elite Safety Services Inc. is a Canadian company that provides customized safety training and standby services to a wide variety of sectors, including industrial, construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

Originally named, "Facts on Fire" was a vision created by Darren Brick and Marc Watt due to the realization and importance of safety training in the work place.  It was shortly thereafter, the demand for diversity in the safety services sectors helped launch Elite Safety Services Inc. 

After incorporating in October 2008, the Manitoba based company expanded to regularly provide service throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Today, Elite Safety Services Inc. specializes in all aspects of the health and safety spectrum.  Owned and operated by the former professional firefighter paramedics, the company provides a level of professionalism and expertise that is only gained through real-world experience.

Elite Safety Services Inc. has provided quality trained Instructors, Paramedics, Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technicians, and Construction Safety Officers to some of Western Canada's most prominent companies.  

There are no wait times for our service. We utilize a network of both instructors and rescuers to supplement our capabilities. We are a company that is regularly in the field, making us credible in a number of disciplines.

Elite Safety Services Inc. prides itself in offering quality safety services that promote a safer workplace!